Hi and thanks for visiting my website.  I am Jenny Glaze Montgomery and I live in Newtown, Connecticut with my husband, Joe and our dog, Ruby.  You should know that my life today is in no way, shape or form how I, as a young girl, imagined it would be.  Growing up in the South, as a Southern Baptist, and marrying my high school sweetheart were confines of life I presumed would hold for as long as I lived.  That is, until God called me to preach, I divorced, moved out of the South, became an Episcopal priest, and married a liberal American Baptist pastor with six children.

Reflecting on this life of mine, grace has been the most consistent gift I have received.  Grace has been showered upon me over and over again known in God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, beauty and blessing.  Sometimes this gift of grace is visible, and at other times unseen, but I now know to expect grace in all things. 

Like my great-grandmother, Kitty Montgomery, I love words and have always wanted to be a writer.  Rejection letters from publishers early on discouraged me from becoming a serious author, so I’ve dabbled here and there, writing church newsletter articles, reflections and sermons—some of which I think are pretty good.  But you can decide that for yourself.

Because it’s so easy these days to create a website and write a blog, I have decided to give it a try.  Being the observer that I am, I enjoy nothing more than stumbling upon a holy moment in the midst of ordinary, everyday life.  Grace In All Things is my attempt to watch for and write about the grace of God at work in the world around us.   I’ll spot my moments of grace to share, but I’m hoping to hear of yours, as well!